About me

I am an artist from East Ayrshire, Scotland, temporarily based in Liverpool. In 2015 I was awarded an Honours Degree in Fine Art: Painting and Printmaking from The Glasgow School of Art.

I paint as a way of releasing suppressed emotion that can’t be put into words. I aim for this physical emotional form to connect to others and make them think differently about what is around us. Referring to renaissance tapestry and inspired by narratives, my work is often ambiguous and explores the relationship between elements of time, landscape and architecture in a contemporary context.

I layer imagery and use the colour and fluidity of paint to intuitively record how I feel about a scene, before embroidering into the painted marks as a way of capturing time and recognising my intuitive responses logically. The embroidery suggests healing towards an object in a state of deterioration.

The juxtaposition of painting and embroidery represents the haste of modern day living; the fast and slow processes reflect time, impatience, frustration and our constant need to have things done quickly. The contrast of media in my work draws attention to the finer details, and the alteration of perspectives acts as a reminder to look more closely at what we perceive to be surrounding us.

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Karen Harkness